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El-Halbousi: Irak’taki diplomatik misyonların temsilcileri meselelerine müdahale etmemelidir

The Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives, Mohammed Al-Halboussi, sent a letter to “some representatives of diplomatic missions in Iraq” and called on them not to interfere in what “does not concern them”.

On his Twitter account, he wrote: “Representatives of diplomatic missions in Iraq have the duty to represent their countries and to promote cooperation between the two countries. Some representatives of those missions must be well aware of their duties, not interfere in what does not concern them, and respect Iraq’s sovereignty in order to be treated in kind.”

Yesterday, there was an argument in the media between the Turkish Ambassador in Baghdad, Fatih Yildiz, and his Iranian counterpart, Irn Mesjedi, regarding the presence of Turkish forces in northern Iraq.

In a press interview, Masjdi said : “We reject military intervention in Iraq, and Turkish forces must in no way be a threat to Iraqi territory or occupy it.”

He added: “Iraqi forces must provide security themselves, KRG forces must maintain security in their own areas, and establish security in the region. The Turks have to withdraw to their international borders and deploy there, and the Iraqis themselves must ensure the security of Iraq.”

His Turkish counterpart commented on his Twitter account: “The ambassador of Iran will be the last to give a lecture on respect for the borders of Iraq.”

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