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İktidarda kalmalarını sağlamak için …. Libyalı Parlamenterler önerilen hükümetin oluşumunu engelliyor

It seems that there are those who want to obstruct the work of the Dabaiba government and the new Presidential Council (Aqila Saleh, Fathi Bashagha, the Presidency Council, and the Representatives, to ensure that they continue in their current positions, after the surprise of Geneva, which is represented by the loss of the list of Aqila Saleh and Fathi Bashagha, the two worked to obstruct everything To prevent the Presidential Council and the new government from functioning, in addition to the assassination scene of Fathi Bashagha and his attempt to ignite a war in Tripoli and Aqila Saleh, and his contradictory statements about the venue of the session.

The head of the national unity government, Abdul Hamid al-Dubaiba, addressed the Libyan people on the occasion of a special session to consider giving confidence to the government.

In his speech, the new prime minister stressed the need for the government not to exclude anyone from the roadmap for national unity, appealing to MPs to enable the government to carry out their difficult tasks in confronting electricity crises and the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

A Crisis in People

All indications point to the fact that the elections in December are almost impossible, especially after the end of bribes and the extended government. The government also includes a number of Abdel Hakim Belhaj loyalists, most notably Walid Al-Lafi, the former director of Al-Naba channel and the current director of Salam channel, and Lamia Bou Sidra is the candidate for the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs, meaning that the Brotherhood in Libya and the Libyan Fighting Group, they are in a stronger political position in Libya today.

The Libyan parliament decided to suspend their session to complete the consultations on granting confidence to the government of national unity, after lengthy talks in the presence of Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Al-Dubaiba, who reviewed his view on the formation of the parliament, which was submitted to the representatives, who asked him many questions.

Second Postponement

The House of Representatives held their first session Monday in Sirte to discuss the government’s issue and also to address the issue of adopting the outcomes of the Political Dialog Forum within the Constitutional Declaration.

Saleh advised Al-Dubaiba to present his government formation to a full date on Wednesday, and to rely solely on his “free will”.

Speaking to the prime minister, Akila said : “There are those who talk about the presence of members of the government formation who are wanted in cases before the public prosecutor, and there are those who talk about members who obtained forged certificates,” he said, referring to the lack of attention to those statements.

Dubaiba said he is ready to submit the remaining government formation in “a quarter of an hour” after receiving the MPs’ observations to replace the candidates who are holding reservations.

Speaking at the council for a long time, Dubaiba said : Throughout the ages, Libyans have been rights fighters, whether against the Ottomans or Italians, and finally, the February Revolution, calling for a national fabric and an end to the uninterrupted conflict that has been going on for the last ten years.

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